What turns a good tech product into a successful business?

The team makes the difference, and we help you find the right people

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How can we support your growth challenges with our services?

  • Executive search

    Atilax focusses on tech companies & Scale-Ups. We help you find your new strategic colleagues with a focus on leadership, product, tech, & customer-facing roles.

  • Designing fast growing teams

    We will work together with your teams to co-create the best talent acquisition strategies. For fast growing tech companies we focus on providing customized support for how to build teams at scale.

  • Machine learning software

    Headhunting within personal networks is a proven way of being successful, but for some roles our Smart Job Recommendation system software Meerkat can provide additional support!

The name!

The meerkat (Latin: Atilax)
constantly surveys its surroundings and is humble and smart. That’s the partner we are for scale-ups; helping scout for the best talent by looking beyond the traditional tech networks.

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  • Flexible approach and process, tailored to your company.
  • We don’t rest until the position has been filled.
  • We don’t look at available candidates, we find the best candidates in the market.
  • We understand scale-ups.
Let's Talk

Meet our Team :)

Hajo van Beijma is the founder of Atilax and helps tech companies and scale-ups with the challenges they face in different growth phases. He connects leaders to the right scale-ups. This is a role well-suited to him and inline with his executive search experiences and as a tech entrepreneur in the SingularityU & World Economic Forum networks. Hajo works with two researchers and a small tech team developing a Recurrent Neural Network to help match candidates with jobs.

The tech companies Hajo co-founded and managed previously were nominated for the FD Gazellen award and Deloitte Fast50.

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Hajo van Beijma
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As a scale-up, what do you need in the short-term and what is your talent strategy in the longer-term?

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What our clients say!

Atilax works for tech companies and scale-ups and focusses on: leadership, product, tech, & customer-facing roles roles.

  • Fast and flexible process:

    We are a Saas scale-up looking for a new CTO. Great to see the process in finding our new Head of Engineering could be tailored to our needs.

  • New Chief Operating Officer

    As a Fintech with a lot of copmplexity, finding a new COO within our own network was not working for us. The partnership with Hajo was perfect timing.

  • CTO, CPO or CPTO

    In this phase of our growth, we didn't just need a new Chief Product Officer but good advice on the collaboration with the tech team and we had a great discussion why a combined CPTO wouldn't work for us.

Are you a candidate?

  • Are you interested in working for fast growing tech companies?
  • Do you already work remotely or live in Netherlands?
  • Do you have experience and passion for leadership, product, tech, & customer-facing roles?

Send me your contact details and I look forward to connecting with you.

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